The Solution

Innovation to prevent relapse

There is a scientific and market revolution in biosensors, embedded technology, wearables, and the use of neuroscience-based gaming. Our goal is to harness this innovation to prevent relapse. CLEAR seeks to establish a holistic end-to-end treatment approach that caters to the needs of each patient, rather than the current approach, which groups together large populations of addicts under unproven and under-researched programs. Addicts that complete or leave these programs are often left to their own devices upon return to the real world.

We want to move opioid addiction treatment into the 21st century by stimulating innovative technology development that predicts and ultimately prevents relapse, detecting the earliest signs before it occurs.

The solution to addiction

Tools to better manage sobriety

Stress and anxiety are the most common biological predictors of relapse. A person’s stress response often mirrors withdrawal symptoms as seen through elevated heart rate, pulse rate, temperature change and skin conductance. Technology is the link to helping identify and manage indicators for potential relapse.

A Watchful Eye

The monitoring technology CLEAR wants to create will make sure there is always a watchful eye available.


Relapse can happen anytime, and this technology will allow for 24/7 monitoring in the long term with a communication infrastructure in place to notify the necessary people when a relapse may occur.


We leverage technology and innovation to promote healthy living, manage sobriety, and divert temptation when impulse hits.

Eradicate relapse

CLEAR will focus on eradicating relapse for opioid users as the addiction to opioids (including prescription pain relievers, heroin, and morphine) has detrimental effects on individuals and public health. Not only does overuse lead to increased economic medical expenditure, but it also leads to high numbers of deaths related to overdose, criminalization, and disempowerment of addicts when they cannot get better.

XPRIZE – HeroX Challenge

Problem with opioid addiction


Opioid addiction has detrimental effects on individual and public health. It increases medical expenditures, the number of overdose-related deaths, criminalization, and the disempowerment of addicts.

herox platform relapse solution


HeroX is an open-prize platform co-founded by XPRIZE in 2013. By enabling anyone to create a challenge in response to any issue, HeroX is fostering breakthroughs in innovation – such as CLEAR’s relapse technology.

Biofeedback technology as the solution


Biofeedback technology that can predict and prevent opioid relapse by tracking immediate causes/behaviors in real time for patients at risk of experiencing a relapse.

Transform addiction treatment.
Personalize the solution.

Too often, addicts are made to feel ostracized and unsupported, hindering their already difficult path to recovery. CLEAR’s objective is to change this process and narrative, transform addiction treatment and eradicate relapse. We invite you to learn more about key projects we’re working on to bring change and save lives.


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